If you love Astronomy and love Pluto then you must visit the new home of Clyde Tombaugh's personal Telescope at Pluto Park.
Clyde Tombaugh's personal Telescope is now displayed at Pluto Park within Rancho Hidalgo close to Animas, New Mexico, USA. This custom Newtonian Telescope was made by Clyde along with the 16" f10 primary mirror. He enjoyed using it for visual planetary and lunar observations. His unique 2-in-1 design also incorporates an 18 inch f4.5 primary for alternative viewing within the same telescope. It was relocated here in 2009 and dedicated by his widow Patsy.

Visits should be pre-arranged or by permission at the Rancho Hidalgo ranch house. Further contact information may be found at the Granite Gap website [www.GraniteGap.com].

Clyde Tombaugh (1906-1997) [Wikipedia-Clyde] is world famous for his discovery of the planet Pluto in 1930 [Pluto]. Clyde had a life filled with astronomy and many discoveries. He was also a believer in UFO's. [Full Biography and Videos].

Did you know that Pluto is officially no longer a planet? It is now a Dwarf Planet [DP] and one of the many Kuiper Belt objects [KB], but with its own classification as a Plutoid [Plutuid].

Interestingly, a young girl from England suggested the name "Pluto" via an Oxford professor. Astronomers knew that "PL" would also respect Percival Lowell's planet search, later handed to Clyde.

Additional information:
Obviously we also recommend a visit to the Lowell Observatory [Official] [Wikipedia] in Flagstaff, Arizona, some 425 miles away. There you can see where Clyde actually discovered Pluto using Lowell's 13 inch Astrograph [Astrograph] camera telescope in the original dome. You can also see the Blink Comparator machine [BC] used by Clyde to make the discovery from two photographic plates taken several days apart.

Any personal journey of Clyde Tombaugh and Pluto must include a tour of the Lowell Observatory where he worked between 1929-1945. However no journey would be complete without a visit here to Pluto Park. Why not bring your telescope and enjoy our dark skies! You'll be glad you did.

Pluto Park: Visits should be pre-arranged or by permission at the Rancho Hidalgo ranch house, near Animas, New Mexico, USA.. Further contact information may be found at Granite Gap [www.GraniteGap.com].